Work in a dynamic, flexible and technology-supported way


Eliminate low-value processes to gain agility. That is our technological commitment.


Our difference lies in the way in which we understand our work like a mix of the professional skills and knowledge that are essential to give the client the best service, with a flexible, dynamic way of working and supported by protocols and computer applications for management and control of the business activity of our clients that provide us with the efficiency.
Portal Integral Asesores

Customer Area

Developed by computer scientists following our instructions, they allow us to give different accesses so that administrators can have an access to any documentation of their company and workers can access the documentation related to their relationship with the company.

Accesos remotos

Remote access

This way the client save money on maintenance fees for accounting programs, in the case of clients who have or require their own accounting department, or simply give real-time access to their updated accounting and accounting reports.

Servidor dedicado

Our server

The server “Fujitsu Server” allows us to host our clients’ documentation with all the security guarantees.

File Management

Our Company File Management protocols allows us to give priority to any procedure or supervise it to guarantee the client an immediate response.

Gain time. Have the best advisor Company.


Customer proximity

Our commitment requires us to provide the highest quality service, always giving an immediate response, knowing that our work has a direct impact on their day by day.



All of our applications have been developed to be ease of use. And all this, just a few clicks away.



We know that we handle relevant and confidential information. That is why we follow the security protocols that guarantee optimal data storage that is always available for our clients.

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