For us, a conventional offer is not enough.

The conventional company is over.

Add efforts and knowledge.

Gain agility. Make decisions.

Para eso es nuestra oferta.


The company situation changes and progress rapidly, so why at Integral Asesores, thanks to the experience and dedication of our team, we extend our services adding what our clients need today.

Grants and subsidies: the knowledge about how important is to harness opportunities

We make the access to public financing programs easier by checking official sources in search of new grants every day and combine the most relevant information for our clients that could be potential beneficiary of the grant.

Data protection law: be update with your clients and your databases

Implementation and registration of the Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999, of December 13. We offer a professional implementation and monitoring service so that your company collects all the legal, technical and organizational measures and guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, both from your clients, suppliers, etc.

Project and license management: make your project go at the pace you need

We work in collaboration with various companies of technical architecture professionals specializing in the development of projects and all kinds of urban planning, taking care of the management and supervision of the projects.

Financial management:
Hire the best

We study the different financial products and we advise you on banking procedures. Our advice help you to have the best financial products and sabe your money in the best way.

Our clients want us to have a complete vision of their business.

And that we act in consequence.


That is why we offer advanced services done by our staff with high level of specialization and experience. Our clients want to focus on their business and make decisions knowing that they are well guided and protected.


We have two collaborators registered in the official register of account auditors, as well as qualified personnel in the development of auditing work and related matters such as law, accounting, mediation and bankruptcy administration.
•  Compulsory Annual Accounts Audit.
•  Voluntary Annual Accounts Audit.
Audit Annual Accounts.
•  Audit of Foundations, Associations and Cooperatives.
•  Public Sector Audit and legal compliance.
•  Company valuation audit.
•  Economic reports for Employment Regulation.
•  Current Economic Expert Evidence.
•  Expert Report and Economic Activity.
•  Judicial Economic Experts.
•  Experts Reports.
•  Expert Audit and Economic Experts.
Expert Reports specialized in Forensic Auditing.
•  Current Economic and Financial Expertise.
Expert Auditors Reports.



•  Bankruptcy Administration.
•  Application and bankruptcy advisors.
Special expert reports.

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At Integral we believe that foresight is the best way to protect yourself.

One of the elements that define us is proactivity. And today’s company needs an advisor service that are going to anticipate what your company will need tomorrow.

We are partners of the best firms dedicated to consulting and insurance brokerage.

Integral Asesores is an authorized partner of the best firms dedicated to consulting and insurance brokerage. The main objective of this cooperation that consist exclusively on insurance for our clients, because this is not our main activity, we are able to guarantee our clients the correct coverage of their business risks and also we are able to lower the prices of the policies, what contributes to the success of our clients.

Insurance for your company

Fleet Insurance
Damage Insurance
Affinity groups
Social Security
Transport Insurance
Civil Responsibility
Health Insurance
Credit and guarantee
Counselors and Managers
Decennial Insurance

Insurance for your private life

Motorcycle Insurance
Health Insurance
Accident Insurance
Home Insurance
Bicycle Insurance
Car Insurance
Life Insurances
Claim and Defense
Quad Insurance
Hunting insurance