Add efforts and knowledge, gain agility, make decisions.

That is what our offer is for.


The company’s consulting requires involvement, knowledge in all areas of business management and markets, something difficult to achieve if you do not have a cualified human team, with the ability to work as a team and have a good coordination.

You will have a team of high-performance advisors, completely dedicated to your company.

The situation of companies and their operations evolve quickly, which is why at Integral Asesores, thanks to the experience, professionalism and dedication of our team, we include and expand with services that our clients need today, which will allow them to make decisions successfully.

Our clients want us to have a complete vision of their business.
So we make it posible.

Our service is based on offering advanced services for your company. Our clients want to focus on their business and make decisions knowing that they are well guided and protected.


Consultancy for grants and subsidies:

Know that the opportunity is passing

Our advisors in Marbella work as a team, each one specialized in their area but coordinated to obtain maximum results with each of our clients. The service is highly personalized so a satisfaction is guaranteed.

GDPR Consulting:

Stay up to date with your customers and your databases

Implementation, registration and audits of the Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999, of December 13. We offer a professional implementation and monitoring service so that your company obeys all the legal, technical and organizational measures aimed at guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, both from your clients, suppliers, etc.

Consultancy in project management and licenses:

Make your project go at the pace you demand

We never get satisfied, we update every day. We are leaders in both the regulatory and technological domains and that makes us more efficient and productive. High performance for business consulting.

Financial Consulting:

Hire the best

We study the different financial products and we advise you on banking procedures. We prevent our clients from contracting products that are suitable for their needs and we inform them of the news that best suits each situation.


We have two collaborators thar form part of the Official Auditors’ Register, as well as qualified staff in the development of auditing work and related matters such as law, accounting, mediation, bankruptcy administration and judicial expert reports.

Compulsory Annual Accounts Audit.

Voluntary Annual Accounts Audit.

Audit Consolidated Annual Accounts.

Audit of Foundations, Associations and Cooperatives.

Public Sector Audit and legal compliance.

Company valuation audit.

Economic reports for Employment Regulation Files.

Current Economic Expert Evidence.

Expert Report of Economic Activity.

Judicial Economic Experts.

Expert Reports.

Expert Audit and Economic Experts.

Expert Reports specialized in Forensic Auditing.

Economic and Financial Expertise.

Expert Reports of Forensic Auditors.

Bankruptcy area:

Bankruptcy Administration.

Application and bankruptcy advice.

Special expert reports