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Match business-oriented disciplines:

that’s our offer


Protect and develop your business, improve it and make profit grows. This is the definition of the consultancy suitable for nowadays. At Integral Asesores we offer a set of services that will make your business improve with the current evolution of the market and become to increase your incomes.

Profitability-based taxation

Usually, making the right decisions and using the knowledge of how to plan company taxation means getting ahead of problems so that they never come.

Our approach is based on Analyze the situation of the company, see the different options and Quantify the consequences of each one of them to know at each moment, choose the most favorable for the company.

Internal audit to determine the situation of the company.
Advice and cost estimation prior to the start of activity.
Analysis of family businesses: structure, needs, solutions…
Councel, preparation and presentation of any tax declaration.
Representation before the Tax Administration Agency.
Study of link operations between self-employed people and / or companies.

Useful accounting

We rely on accounting management tools that make your day-by-day business easier and more technological. And we base it with our accounting team that are working according to the accounting volume of your company.

We inform you about accounting and financial situation of your business.
Electronic invoice registration.
 Preparation of accounting.
Accounting consulting.
Balance sheet, sums, profit and loss account.
Document digitalization.
Analytical accounting.

Sum pum up is match the technological process into the operational dynamics of the company. And that is what defines the new consultancy today. And the new entrepreneur.

Labor: controlled overheads

Our labor team will advise you on the best options for hiring and restructuring your staff according to current laws and will carry out all the steps required for the proper functioning of the staff.

Labor management of companies.
Communications and procedures with Social Security.
Labor inspections.
Staff restructuring.
Collective dismissals.
Labor conflicts.
Control in prevention of occupational risks.
Payrolls and Social Security.

Legal: protection of your interests

Current business management requires constant legal advice of the highest quality and best price.

Our specialty is the company, the entrepreneur and their advice. We believe in a new multidisciplinary firm, where the concept, philosophy and strategies are perfectly coordinated.

So, this way our clients have a more efficient, quality, faster and cheaper service.

Trade law.
Labor law.
Administrative law.
Civil law.
Collection from debtors.

Consultancy office:
Because today’s entrepreneur demands more resources

Our offer is global. It is developed with the purpose that your company is non-stop, it follows their purposes and have support of your consultant. That is our aim: to offer a powerful and dynamic offer.
Economic-financial reports
 Cost analysis
 Management audits
Viability and marketing plans
Market research
Implementation of management systems and CRM
Analysis of sales purchases, stock, etc.

Financial management
Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data
Grants and subsidies
Project and license management