We are a consultancy in Marbella that works in a special way.

We are an innovative consultancy in Marbella. After years providing an excellent service in the center of Andalusia, now we also provide an advisory service in Marbella

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We have a single and priority objective, to be your advisors in Marbella and grow with you, making your company catching on.

Our consulting team in Marbella has a huge involvement with the client that makes it exceptional. You will have a team of the best advisers completely dedicated to your company in each of the tax, labor, accounting and legal areas.


We have an advisor office in Marbella where we provide services in tax, labor, accounting, tax, legal, management and other services to companies such as help with grants, as well as financial management or GDPR management.

Our services as advisers in Marbella

At integral Asesores we offer global consultatory services to private sector companies mainly in the fiscal, accounting, legal, tax and labor fields, with the aim of guaranteeing our clients the best results, with the serenity that they have the best professional support.

High commitment and quality

We have a high level of demand with ourselves and that makes us the best in our field. We are involved and committed with the company and therefore to our clients too



Thanks to the fact that our staff work together as a team, we achieve the best overall results for the company, in consideration of all the implications in the different business areas.

Exceptional human team

It wasn´t easy but we have achieved it. We form a human team of consultants, each one a specialist in their area. So all together and well-coordinated, achieve exceptional results.


As consultants in Marbella we provide service in the following areas of business management

Consulting and comprehensive management services for companies

We know that just an advisory service in Cordoba is no longer enough. That is why we diversify and expand our resources to offer you:

  • Business consulting
  • Projects management
  • Management of grants
  • Financial management
  • Organic Law of Personal Data Protection management